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We will give your team the tools to create an affirming and safe environment for both staff and campers of color.

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People of color nearly makeup 40 percent of the population of the United States. Yet, when it comes to outdoor recreation people of color are underrepresented.  We are working to close the racial gap in outdoor recreation, to reverse the effects of racism on the outdoors by mobilizing awareness and demanding greater accessibility to the natural world for all. We do this by offering training and leadership development to staff and leaders like YOU, ready to make a change. Check out our options below. We tailor our experience to meet your needs.

Summer Staff Anti-racism Training

Professional Development


Summer Staff Anti- racism Training

While many say ‘the outdoors does not discriminate,’ it is safe to say that our outdoor recreational system is built on the same underlying system of oppression governing our society. We believe that nature is a human right and ensure not just access but a sense of belonging for all. We recognize that sense of belonging is heavily shaped by camp counselors and summer staff that engage with the youth. Examining race and class, our training invites staff to explore the question "to whom does the outdoors belong?" This question invites those working directly with campers and camp staff to understand their own biases and how those get in the way of creating belonging for campers of color.

 Covered in Anti-racism Training: 


Real-world consequences of racist views and actions on outdoor recreation

Engaging People of Color and the Outdoors



We work to help your team of leaders expand their understanding of race and class, mobilizing that understanding for transformation in outdoor recreation.

In addition to creating lasting memories and connections to the outdoors, you want a business that is financially healthy. According to the Multicultural Economy Report from the University of Georgia, minority markets have a 3.9 trillion buying power. We help you develop the leadership needed to welcome a racially and economically diverse population.

Covered in Professional Development

  • Develop new skills and behaviors
  • Expand leadership capacity to serve underserved communities
  • Emphasis on trust and cooperation for growth


We will walk alongside your organization as your organization seeks to make institutional changes that will provide for more diversity. We will recommend strategies to improve the organizations policies, leadership structure and recruitment process in an effort to create an equitable experience and encourage a racially diverse and inclusive outdoor site.

Consulting Service Options:

  • Organizational Audit
  • Develop Framework for Accountability
  • Engage Institutional Commitment for Change


My family attended the Back Joy Retreat in July 2022. This retreat provided us time to connect with nature, enjoy bonding time with family and meet new friends. All of the activities were well planned, the food was delicious and the rooms were comfortable. We will definitely be attending this retreat annually. It was also my daughter’s birthday weekend,  so we have adopted this as our new tradition for her birthday. Rhonda and her team do an amazing job of curating the right activities to engage all.

- Wansheba Lawal, Participant Black Joy Retreat

Rhonda came and helped train our staff for the summer. She gave a thorough introduction which broke down the false idea that the outdoors is a white space. For a camp with mostly white staff and campers, it was incredibly helpful to understand the biases we hold and experiences of people of color in camp settings. Many staff members commented afterward how much they appreciated her voice!

- Drew Yoos, Program Director, Lutheridge

“Making space for people to be themselves is a meaningful experience that I was glad to share in with Race and Faith and the Black Joy Retreat”

- Judnard Henry, Manager, Program & Hospitality at United Church Camps

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