Unlearning Racism is not a one and done experience, rather, it is a continual journey.
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Signature Education Series

This Signature Education Series of courses will expand your understanding about racism, cultivating awareness and inclusivity. Engage in authentic dialogue by participating in a class in real time (some classes are available on demand) with others on the path towards racial justice.  Series are 4 to 6 sessions and are 2 hours in length.

All series are open to individuals and organizations looking to further their antiracism efforts

COST: $240-$500, per series, per person; Sliding scale is available as needed

 Classes available this Winter: Entry Points and Living Out Liberation. 

Sponsor an education series! By sponsoring one of our Signature Education Series, you are helping to spread antiracist education. Interested? Email: rhonda@raceandfaith.orgC

This four-session series serves as an introduction to the Race and Faith framework educating participants to better understand racism in the United States and to better understand themselves as they learn the entry points into this subject.  The goal is to encourage participant to engage the subject of racism as whole people (heart, soul, mind, strength) recognizing racism is not merely an intellectual exercise.

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This series on collective memory, the white-washing of history and myth-making, is an examination of how they work together to maintain the racist culture prevalent today. We assess our pool of shared memories, knowledge and information about this country, whiteness, repairing our fragmented memories creating a more whole story.

This six session series grounds participants in liberation theology and using that as a lens to begin to move towards anti-racist practices within congregations.  The goal is to develop people of faith that are willing to create brave spaces grounded in a theology of liberation, yielding antiracist actions.

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FOR PEOPLE OF COLOR looking to learn skills to employ in community with each other as they work to create a community of resistance to the damaging demands of assimilation. Participants will explore internalized racial oppression, the demand to assimilate and develop systems of accountability to resist oppressive narratives.

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