Something to Say!

“Something to Say” is an intergenerational, faith-based, anti-racism effort; encouraging and equipping families and to address racism

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Does talking about racism makes you uncomfortable? How about conversation on antisemitism? When you hear racist or antisemitic slurs, how do you respond? Are you wanting to do more, but not sure you know enough on the subject or not sure where to start?

This event is for you! “Something to Say” is an intergenerational, faith-based, anti-racism effort. The goal is to equip, encourage, and engage families in speaking up about racism. Well, this year we are exploring “woke culture.” The idea of “woke” has evolved over the years from a term used largely by Black people in activist circles to highlight social and political racial discrimination. Today it’s become politically weaponized jargon at the center of much debate. How does your family, worshipping community, colleagues talk about this subject? Have you had any conversations at all?  This King Holiday we will equip you to have this conversation and more.

“Something to Say” is an online learning opportunity that begins on MLK weekend, January 12th.  The event itself will be largely self-guided with some set opportunities for interacting online with other participants.

What you get when you register:

-Something to Say Learning Guidebook with learning modules for all ages with guiding questions to help enrich discussion along with   additional learning resources

-Access to webinar for learning module discussion

-Access to participate in the intergenerational panel discussion featuring prominent thought leaders from across WI. The panel is diverse in age, race, religious affiliation.

All content access will be emailed to you by Friday, Jan. 12th